Gold Cup Gorgeous: 3 Tips to Get You Off to the Races!

May 4th 2018

With April weather warming up, we’re turning our attention to May and the next big event in fashion: horse racing! People come for the horses but they stay for the socializing, and a large part of that is the clothes. Whether you’re planning on attending the Gold Cup, Preakness or Derby, you can be sure there will be a bevy of beautifully dressed women.

If this is your first time at the track, it’s easy to be intimidated by the exotic display. Don’t be! We’re here to give you three quick and easy tips that will get you race-ready in no time.

#1: Hats On!

While most people think of hats as an accessory, at major horse races such as the Gold Cup, hats are the main event. You want to find a hat or fascinator to wear that stands out and makes a statement. Have fun! Think daring brims, bunches of flowers, ribboned netting and lots of bright colors. You’ll be wearing the hat for roughly six hours, so make sure that the chapeaux you choose is a comfortable one; not too heavy or wide. Think feminine and flirty and you should be set.

#2: Dress for Success!

Once you have the hat of your dreams, it’s time to choose your dress. The races are a stylish event, so even if you love your jeans, leave them home today. Dresses should be made of light fabrics, tea or knee length, and lightly colored or patterned. Remember that your hat is the star of the show, so don’t pick a dress pattern that clashes or distracts from your hat.

Right now, trends for the races tend towards sophisticated solids, like this Lace Dress , or light, flirty patterns like this Ruffle Neck Dress, both from Scott and Molly’s . If your hat is a simpler design in a solid color, you can dress it up a bit with a bolder print. For example, the Everywhere Dress Grand’s pattern is perfect when paired with a classic white, brimmed hat. The key is to remember to keep the colors light. Winter is over ladies--it’s time to celebrate! Leave your browns, navys and somber blacks at home, and revel in lavender, cream and golden yellows. Shop Dresses !!!

#3: Hand Over Your Bags!

The races are the time to leave your big, bulky bags behind. . A small clutch or wristlet, in a color or design that compliments the rest of your outfit, is enough. Pack it with a few bills for betting, possibly some rolled up flats if you want to change later, and a tube of lipstick. You can let your date hide other items in his suit if there are some other items you just can’t be without.

Add a pair of heels and your favorite earrings and you’re good to go! Though it’s impossible to anticipate which horse will win the day, we can safely bet that if you follow these rules you’ll be in the running for first place in fashion!